November 26, 2022
batwoman javicia leslie

Javicia Leslie as "Batwoman" in Season 2

The days of Gotham City's "Scarlet Knight," are numbered. It is being reported The CW's "Batwoman" is being canceled after its third upcoming season.

The days of Gotham City’s “Scarlet Knight,” are numbered. It is being reported The CW’s “Batwoman” is being canceled after its third upcoming season.

batwoman ruby rose and javicia leslie
Ruby Rose as “Batwoman” and Javicia Leslie

“Batwoman,” as you may recall initially starred Ruby Rose as “Kate Kane,” making history as television’s first lesbian led superhero series. It entailed Batwoman taking on her demented twin sister, Alice, as she attempts to destroy Gotham City. However, in a surprise move, Ruby resigned after the first season of the series, and was subsequently replaced with African-American actress, Javicia Leslie as “Ryan Wilder.”

Although fans and the public have largely embraced Javicia as the new Batwoman, the ratings for the second series have been abysmal. Many blame Ruby’s departure and the recasting of the role with a Black actress instead of another Caucasian one as the lead.

Javicia leslie as batwoman

Reaction to the cancellation news has been mixed with some fans outraged. Not only did League take away Lux’s BA Animations from me today but I’m finding out [The] CW wants to cancel Batwoman after  S3 [Season 3] too???? What the actual f**k? How do they expect me to live without Alice?”@ENTIR3HEARTS tweeted. While others felt the show’s cancellation is overdue. @itisrealz tweeted “Showing men of color in a negative light is not bad at all, they’re being treated like any other white villain character and not made to feel special or cringey unlike ‘Batwoman’ that thinks Black people are something special when they’re just humans.”

Despite the series’ impending demise, sources are reporting this will not be the end of Javicia Leslie as the famed vigilante, instead she will make appearances in other surviving “CWverse” shows (a network of other intertwined superhero based series on The CW, creating a television “multiverse” similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Currently, neither The CW or any member of the Batwoman cast have released any official statement on the cancellation reports on the series.

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